Modbus has trouble reading via rs485, timing issues i think...

Hello, I am trying to display values from a modbus RTU slave's registers, but the slave device responds too quickly and my arduino can't process the data fast enough is my thought, if i use my computer to act as the slave it works fine. and if i use my computer to act as the master i get a response fine too. (my computer communicates through an ethernet to serial/485 converter)

regarding the arduino, It goes out from the serial port through an 8 legged sip IC chip thing - rs485 converter then off to the slave, a yaskawa v1000 variable frequency motor controller. the v1000 can set its responce delay time to 65ms but no more, its default set to 5ms, i currently have it set to 65ms.

also on the arduino i tried reducing the send / receive switching time from 150ms to 10, and 0 as you will see in the attached files. if anyone is familiar with serial and modbus and rs485 / rs422 please skype me, if you get it fixed i can pay you something or help you if i can. skype: thel33tone

any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!

ModbusMaster.cpp (24.2 KB)

ModbusMaster.h (11 KB)

MasterControler.ino (9.13 KB)