Modbus map address for arduino uno

Dears ,

I looking for your help to get modbus map address for arduino uno

Thank you in advance Br

John gladstone

The only MODBUS map is the one you write yourself. It's not a PLC with fixed addresses for things.

Are you trying to interface to an Arduino that someone else programmed for you? Then you need to talk to them.

Hi ,

Actually I need to connect arduino into gateway throught rs-485 , so what you advice

Regards John

Well, an RS485 adaptor would be the first place to look.

I have no idea what "gateway" might be. Perhaps you could give us some context on what this is, what you expect it to do, what you have already tried and why the existing stuff doesn't do what you want it to do.

Ohk....I need to install three temperature room sensors transfer data into arduino uno A ...then from TX , Rx will connect to maxi485 to transfer data. Through cumminication gateway for remote monitoring .

I need to look for following two technical help :-

1 - is arduino uno accept pt 100 sensor measured by ohm at analog input ? Is there source code to use three sensors ?

2 - can I make address for thsee inputs ?

Please give me your opinion



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