ModBus Mater Library

ModBus Mater Library , has anybody got any experience with it? I've been developing a project using it. Just got the point were i need to use more than one device on the same RS423 line. The library doesn't let you change the slave id once you have created a instance of the main class. I found the slave id variable in the library and moved it from private to public in the main class so i could alter it when i needed to. At first try it seems to work.

Has anybody used it/ know more about it than me. Will i have lots of problems?

I will just carry on and see were i get but if anybody has any info that would be good cheers :)

(what a way to spend new year eh!)

I guess you talk about Modbus Master. No, not really but I have a very good driver for modbus master or slave writen in C for the PIC micro using PICC. It might be easily converted to an arduino library I guess. I can not find a download link for it ant it is not under a free licence but, if you want I can send it to you by email for ... evaluation

Ah thanks Imanuel but i don't think i'd have time to change library now especially if i had to re wright it. Presuming i could. Might get back to you on it. I am using a mega and a due with the modbus master lib on a mega and a 7" LCD on the due i want it all on the due. I have found another lib for the due, when i move it all and try this lib if it doesn't work i'll message you.