MODBUS RTU Master Win10/64b User Controller

I am rapid prototyping a diagnostic imaging solution for horses. The imaging portion is complete and working well, but I'm having difficulty dealing with controlling the motions I've incorporated into the solution. I have two brushless servo motors. They are each being driven by DZRALTE-012L080, mounted to their MC1XDZR03 mounting card. I've successfully programmed the DZRALTE so they are driving the motors properly. I'm still waiting on the heavy steel yolk to come back from the machine shop, so that I can perform fine tuning of the drivers while the motors are under load.

The DZRALTE drives can be controlled via MODBUS RTU over RS485 (or RS232?). Ideally, I would like to have a small user interface on the Windows 10 64-bit CL100 mini PC's. The interface would have remain-on-top capability (so it can be seen while imaging acquisition is working). As for functions, I would need 4 momentary switches (CW and CCW for each rotational motor). I would also need one latching switch to enable high speed jogging (vs. standard jog speed).

Here's the links to the (DZRALTE-012L080) drive:


Modbus Communication & Register Definitions

RS485/232 Communication & Object Dictionary

Each one is mounted to their generic mounting card.

This is a "hot" project, so the sooner we can get something done, the better.