modbus RTU slave library that work ?

I wanted to know if someone is using a library modbus RTU in slave mode that works ?

The "official" do not work and nobody reply on issues i made on github or this forum :

If you put only 1 master + 1 slave it is fine, but if they are more than 1 slave for example 1 master + 2 slave, when you interrogate 1 slave, it block the program of the other slave for 500ms.
I tried on ATMega328 and ATMEGA4809 same problem.

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Thanks for your advices.


Based on the client information provided here Conflict with serial MKR 1010 · Issue #26 · arduino-libraries/ArduinoModbus · GitHub
adding something equivalent to the server library might work.
Edit the ModbusRTUServerClass::begin method and add
modbus_set_response_timeout(mb, 0, 5000); // 5 milliseconds for example
I don't know for sure if this is going to alter the poll timeout. The code is complicated and I don't have the hardware to test it.