ModbusMaster ArduinoUNO MAX485 problem

Hey guys! :grin: :grin: :grin:

Im having a problem with the communication to my slave device on my modbus rtu network. I have en ArduinoUNO and a MAX485. (My slave device is only compatible with RS485 so i need to convert)
My challenge is that is need to know if my program is executing what I need… Im quite new at this so im not that sure of what im doing at all times:P Im doing a shcool project for a oil company up in Norway.

Problem 1 :smiley:
The first i need to do is to ‘Open programming session’ on my slave device so it is ready to receive data.
Photo 1 shows what i need to do. Photo 2 shows the value needed to do this. I see that i can use F16 with a value of 5 and parameter setting is ‘don’t care’. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Problem 2 8)
When programming session is open, i want to use F16(40001) to set four register addresses(100,101,102,103) at the same time. Photo 3 shows my relative addresses and the value to change them. I’ve use a modbusmaster library for doing this. but i cannot see any difference on the hmi-panel on my slave device. So i assume that i havent opened programming session…
Photo 4 shows my code(all parameters are the same in both program and slave device) ::slight_smile:

Hope someone can help me! or at least guide me in the right direction… xD :stuck_out_tongue: