Model Railway Controller

My project is to build a controller that will have an output to 2 sets of tracks of 12v on each of the two blocks, with two throttles that will control each of the 12v, toggle switches for brakes/stop, led's to show movement (forward and reverse).
I have the following equipment.
UNO R3 - dedicated to this project only
L298N motor shield
2 potentiometer 3 pin
12v power supply
10k resistors
and LED

My questions are :
Will the UNO and shield handle this (if not what would).
What additional equipment would be needed?
And I guess has anyone knowledge of this being done before?

Many thanks in advance for suggestions and input.

You may take a view here to get more ideas.

Thank you that's certainly a lot of food for thought.
Let's consider the subject closed for now.

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