Model RC transmitter


I want to make a universal remote for controlling a car, boat and such. Therefore I need a radio reciever, to calibrate the arduino with the remote for the car and a transmitter to sent the waves to the model from the arduino. It is for an analog system. Does somebody know a shield or does somebody have a schematic to make this happen. And can somebody sent me more info about how those waves work and how i could replicate them?

I love RC projects! Sounds cool 8)…Here is a tutorial that I used a while back:

It has several codes and it walks you through step by step.

Here is a code that goes with a different project on this website:

Here is the code:

    #include <AFMotor.h>  // include motorshield library

    AF_DCMotor motor1(3);  // name motor and tell it to use motorshield M3

    int PPMin1 = 14;  // connect the desired channel (PPM signal) from your RC receiver to analog pin 0 (pin 14) on Arduino. 

    int RCval1;  // store RC signal pulse length
    int adj_val1;  // map that value to be between 0-255

    void setup()
      Serial.begin(9600); //serial library start
      pinMode(PPMin1, INPUT); //Pin 14 as input

      // turn on motor


    void loop()
        RCval1 = pulseIn(PPMin1, HIGH, 20000);      //read RC channel 1
        adj_val1 = map(RCval1, 630, 1125, 0, 255);  // my observed RC values are between 630-1125.. these might need to be changed, depending on your RC system.

        if (adj_val1 > 136) {            ;
        motor1.setSpeed(adj_val1 - 36);
        else if (adj_val1 < 120) {            ;
        motor1.setSpeed(220 - adj_val1);
      Serial.print ("val1: ");
      Serial.print (RCval1);  // if you turn on your serial monitor you can see the readings.
      Serial.print ("       ");
      Serial.print ("adjusted:  ");
      Serial.print (adj_val1);
      Serial.println ("  ");

Hey tnx for the info, but maybe should I explain my project more. The arduino will be the communicator between a smartphone and a rc car. Meaning that it wont be on the car but next with the user.

OH....Sorry for providing you with the wrong info, but ok....Maybe this instructable will give you a few ideas. Instead of building a transmitter from scratch, you can use the arduino to connect the controller to your phone thus controlling your RC device with your smartphone. Here is the link:

May be helpful, it doesn't do exactly what you want but has lots of related posts that could be combined to get you there.

Duane B