Modern Device down?

Their website has been offline all day. I remember seeing a news item a few days ago that they were moving, or there were some other changes happening.

Anyone know what’s going on?

It’s working fine for me. Maybe it’s back now?

Works for me too. :-?

It’s working for me now, too. Funny. I got “page not found” errors at around 10 am EST and again just minutes before posting this thread. I’ve been browsing all day so I don’t think it was my connection but who knows.

if they move servers it can take upto a couple days to pop back up, well thats what most of your host’s will tell you, its pretty rare that it takes more than a few hours for it to start popping back up

according to their page they moved physical locations, maybe they host their own servers and just didnt have them plugged in, no matter they are back now