Modern Device RBBB

I just completed soldering together my first of 2 Modern Device RBBBs. When i plug it in with my FTDI TTL-232R cable I am able to download a sketch, or at least it claims i did, but nothing happens. The only thing i can think of is the first time i hooked it up i plugged the cable in backwards. I get power from the 5v but no blinking led on pin 13. Do you think i fried the chip or cable? All components are at the proper polarity and the solder job looks solid. Any suggestions?


Just answered my own question. After no response on the forum i went back to working on the board this morning and maybe i was anxious after completing the board but i only ran the blink sketch on pin 13. This time i ran a blink sketch on all digital pins. All the other pin work and if i go straight to the pin on the chip pin 13 works too. So in conclusion it must be a bad solder job on that connection only.

Duh on my part board works great, cable works great, as for the user..... not so much.

Thanks anyway.