Modification on code

Hello everyone. I wanted to add a modification to this code (it is an airsoft bomb). The same is functional without any error, what I wanted to add is to give the option to disable it by cutting the wire. That of the option to choose which function fulfills each one of the 5 cables that I want to put, and the options would be 3, defuse, explode, or that the time is accelerated.
I attached the code so that they look at it and tell me if anyone can do it to me and if that would have a cost.
Greetings from Uruguay and thank you very much for your time. (674 KB)

I also wanted to let you know that this code is distributed through Airsoft communities so that everyone who participates in this sport can improve it with gadgets. And know that I did not make the code, I shared a boy from Chile very kindly.

Code added. Sorry for the delay


I'll take a look like we discussed via email.


I'll take a look like we discussed via email.

Yes, y really appreciate you, it's good that somebody helps, I know I have to put some effort on my part to learn too.

Hi Riulsadam,

I looked over the sketch you posted.

Can you explain what parts of the code you'd like to modify? And what you want it to do?


Hi MR. Patduino, what I want to add is that it has the possibility to deactivate with 4 or 5 cables, which gives you the option to choose for each cable a function (three functions to choose: disable, "explode" and make time run faster ). This for mode Search and destroy only.

I reviewed the files and am not sure how the system works. Is there a minimum set of hardware? Where do these cables connect?


In the file is the connection design. the idea would be to do it with arduino mega and that each cable leaves of an exit of the arduino. If you explain that I need to know concrete I try to explain myself better because I may not understand what you are referring to

Something like this:


Hi Riulsadam,

I'm sorry, but that's a pretty elaborate system and complicated software -- I don't think I could update the hardware and software without causing problems since I wouldn't be able to test it.

If anyone has experience with this AirSoft setup or wants to create their own to check it out, please send Riulsadam a PM -- he's very eager to add new features to his setup.


No one can lend a hand by adding the modification people?

Ok, thank you anyway. Please close the post.