(modified) IR Sensor shuts all power down on board

when i plug my IR sensor into the 5V pin, all the LED’s on the board shut down and a part of the board’s hardware gets extremely hot really fast.
I also cant upload any programs to the board. Is this due to a short in my sensor?? Or, what am I doing wrong, I’ve verified that the wiring is correct so I stuck!

I would appreciate your help very much, I’m still new at this.

operating system = OS X 10.6.4

Things getting extremely hot are bad. Your sensor may be shorted or maybe you're plugging it in wrong.

But we need more details. How many pins does your IR sensor have? Does it have a model number? Exactly where are you plugging in ALL of the pins?

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I noticed that the sensor doesn't respone accurately when we hook the board with the power supply, my question is how long do we have to pre-heat the sensor in order to get the accurate reading?

You know what, my middle lead almost broke completely off so I soldered wire to it. I bet i fried the insides when I did that. I hook up another sensor and see if thats my problem. I'll let you know.

Thanks for the help.