Modified Pico Protoshield

Hey guys! I wanted to share a new design I just finished up and have in the store for sale.

Say hello to the Modified Pico Protoshield. This new kit makes the Pico (my little yellow USB equipped Freeduino), I believe, the first breadboard Arduino variant that is also shield compatible. I think this will make the Pico a pretty versatile prototyping platform both for wiring up circuits easily on a breadboard and using the plethora of shields that are now available.

They can be had at the Modified store at:

We have also put together a new Starter Kit that will be available soon along with a new batch of Picos shortly.


that’s so cute! Great idea.

That is very cleaver and creative Brian, I hope it becomes a good seller for you.


I do like it but I thought the whole point of the mini arduino boards was to save space and normally not needing shields. I suppose the mini boards are cheaper than the duemilanove usually.

Does look nice though.


Yeah that is the point... but now you can have both! ;) Call it an all-one.


Nice. And I really like the colour, more things should come in yellow.


Yes, very nice. I like that you made it stackable but can still use the pins on top.

I've been very happy with the yellow. I tried to get our board house to do orange but that was asking too much I guess. As it is though the yellow is pretty dark unlike some of the other yellow PCBs I've seen.

Stackable and can use the pins. I think theres also a lot of potential for hacking it in weird ways (ala the Liquidware guys) by using stacking pin headers and putting shields on the bottom rather than the top. Ill see what my students do with it this semester.


Got my pico + protoshield this weekend. Very nice parts!