Modify a stair climber


First of all, sorry for my bad english.

I recently bought a stair climber because i can't walk too well anymore, but the darn thing is slamming the stairs too hard when going up, even at slow speed. My intention is to use an arduino nano to read the position of the "kangaroo legs" through some reed switches (or camshaft position sensor, or something) and soften the descent on the stair. Is it feasible? I have enough electronic knowledge to get this done, but the codes are kinda' scaring me :grin:

Diygenes: Is it feasible?

It depends highly on the internals of the machine whether you can change anything about how it works.

I'll try and disassemble the gearbox and post some pictures. Thanks for the reply!

Doesn't sound exactly Ardruino or microprocessor related, not even electronic.

It already has a potentiometer to set the speed, so i presume that the speed can reduced right before touching the stair.