Modify Can-Bus Library?

Hi all!

I'm doing a project that consists in transmitting data from the ECU (racing car ECU) to Arduino by CAN transmission with a "SparkFun CanBus Shield". My problem arises when I want to transmit data with 1Mbs speed. Sparkfun has a specific library, but its library only allows a speed of up to 500kbs. I spoke with SparkFun and they told me I'm right. However, they sent me another library that supports 1Mb speed, but they said that it is possible that I need to modify that library to work with the pinout in SparkFun shield ... I do not know how to modify the pinout of the library.

If I need to modify something, What do I need to modify?

SparkFun Can Bus shield:

SparkFun Library (of up to 500kbs speed):

Library of up to 1Mbs:

Thanks for all!

looking at the examples in the MCP_CAN_lib I do not think you need to change anything to use the sparksfun shield.

on sparksfun shield, INT is pin 2, CS to pin 10 .