Modifying automatic blood pressure cuff- custom settings

Hello everyone!

Med student here loooking to modify an existing automatic blood pressure cuff to help with my current research. All I want from the automatic cuff is to inflate to 200mmhg and stay inflated for 5 minutes before deflating. Using Arduino, how feasable would it be to do this?

I'm a beginner so any help or pointers in the right direction would be very much appreciated.

Do you have a schematic of the testing machine? I would guess that what you want could be done, but without more information a guess is all I can do.

You will need to know motor control, reading a pressure sensor, and how to do timing (ideally non blocking timing using millis()).

Actually not to difficult. Consider using a little air pump purchased on line for a few dollars. Get a pressure sensor that can do the range: MEMS-based Pressure Sensors | NXP Semiconductors. Using the arduino you can easily control the pressure.
Good Luck & Have Fun!