Modifying code to read single pin analog buttons instead of digital buttons

I am currently trying to modify the code someone posted a few years ago for a lap timer. He posted a build along and I was thinking it would be a great first project. RCArduino: Lap Timer Build Along Part One

Here is a link to the code

My problem arises from the LCD keypad shield I chose. I originally thought the incorporated buttons run through digital pins on the arduino. They are actually run through a single analog pin. I found the libraries for this particular LCD keypad shield. SainSmart LCD Keypad v1.0. I know a bit of C but this new language is just different enough that I am not sure how to modify the code to make it work with analog signal. If anyone can give me any guidance as to how to approach this or even some suggestions on what to modify, that would be amazing. Thank you in advance.

The buttons would be connected so that they switch a different voltage out depending on which switch is pressed. This could be as simple as a voltage divider string that has a switch connected to the output.

When you press each button, you get a different analogue output when read. All you need to do is map the switch to the analogue value.


If value read is between 0 and 200, button 1 has been pressed.
If value read is between 200 and 400, button 2 has been pressed.

Read the analogue value for each button then write the program to suit the values read. The read value should be in the middle of a range not a specific single value.