Modifying Marlin

I am trying to modify Marlin to run a three motor microscope. No thermistors, no extruder, no bed leveling, etc. While I am a technical person, I am not a programmer, so there is a lot I have to learn. I am using a Mac.

First, I decided to modify the Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h files in Marlin. I deleted a lot of stuff and renamed the files ConfigurationXXX.h and Configuration_AdvXXX.h.

When I open Marlin in the Ardiuno IDE, all the standard .h files appear across the top. I couldn’t figure out a way to delete Configuration.h and load ConfigurationXXX.h. I tried renaming the .h files in the Marlin code (#define), but it couldn’t find the XXX files in the Marlin folder.

So, I need help understanding how to get rid of the wrong .h files and installing the new ones.

The easiest way to to copy the original .h files into a subfolder (e.g. originals) and then just modify the .h file in the project folder directly without renaming.

If you only need a 3-axis gcode controller you might find that GRBL is better suited. It is far less complex than Marlin because it is designed for 3D milling, not for a 3D printer.

The bigger problem is I need a GUI on a computer to control the motors. That is why I chose Marlin. I know deconstructing it is a pain, but it has all the motor control (accel, decel, homing, limits, etc.) commands I need.

For a prototype GUI, there are slicers out there that control the motion of motors (i.e., Pronterface). They all (mostly) run Marlin directly. Then there is the problem of deconstructing the slicer to present the full GUI I need.

I have gone the route of Marlin & Slicer because I don’t know any other way to proceed.

PS, I finally found the arrow on the right for deleting .h files

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