modifying my ROV


I am doing a project to make an ROV

Basically I don’t have enough knowledge about electronics and even less about arduino by I don’t want that to limit me on what I can do.

I recently bought Arduino Mega and wonder if it is enough to independently control my 6 motors and some sensors.

I want to use the data from the sensors to provide some auto heading function on the ROV.

My question is if it is technically possible for all these to be achieved by just the Arduino Mega and possible Labview.

I am not averse to learning stuff.

Thanks in advance and have a great day

You say "modifying", which suggests you already have some vehicle, but you're going to have to tell us some more about what you have in mind (size, speed, endurance, range..) Yes, the Mega should be able to provide all the I/O, with the addition of extra hardware to drive and monitor the motors.


Thanks for the reply.

I do have a working ROV but its only control is by a 3D mouse an a video camera. I want at least a compass in there so that the motors can respond to the compass in semi autonomous mode as well as to a joystick. I read that Arduino is very capable and want to include that in my system

The ROV has a tether of about 120 m and it is a very small one, you can put it in your hands. the speed is rather slow, about 2 knots perhaps. I have not actually measure the speed.

Thanks once again and have a nice day