Modifying Real Robot cybot with arduino adk board?


I am new to Arduino boards, but I did have a cybot if anyone remembers them My question is has anyone tried modifying them or using parts from them with the Arduino boards, I am thinking of rebuilding the cybot with arduino but don't know where to start any advise would be grateful.


hi Boss,

Any pointers to details? It is a DC motor robot I recall.. Do you have details on the motor board?

Seems like Arduino would be easy to use with this base...

Hi terryking228,

I am trying to use all the parts from the cybot like the line follower, sonar, motors and maybe a few additions after and hook them up to the adk board and use the robot. As i stated before i am new to the Arduino series any advise on using cybot part or just general advise would be grateful. I have a link to the circuit board layouts for most of the parts including the motors I have the following hardware and


Damn! I had a lot of information in my Geocities personal webpage about Cybot boards and software, completing lpilsley's. But now Geocities doesn't exist. =(

:( that would have been great its a shame it doesn't exist any more. Have you used cybot parts with arduino board and if so is it straight forward or quite hard?