MODLINK - All-In-One multi-shield actuator controlling UNO based board

Dear fellow Arduino fan, developers and users!

We (Prochip) have created an Arduino based board (of course programmable) with 14 shields that can be easily plugged to provide different functionalities and extension compared to currently available ones.

View introductory video: Introducing MODLINK Arduino - YouTube

Shields are available for different needs such as Bluetooth (Mobile) connection, ethernet, WiFi, sensors, TR-output, relay output, DA output (0 > 10v), DV24v input, NTC 10k input, and more. (MODLINK - All-In-One multi-shield UNO based board by Jin Lee — Kickstarter)

Also, we have posted this project in the (MODLINK - All-In-One multi-shield UNO based board by Jin Lee — Kickstarter) which is now a STAFF PICKED project!

  • Multiple shields in one single board / CPU.
  • Plan, design, test, prove and deploy all with the same board (faster design and testing time, just plug and code!).
  • Industrial application ready (all actuator controllable). Ready to be sent out to the field!

Visit us on the to support and pre-order the modules and base board. OR just give us any feedback on the project so we can have our developers and engineers busy and make your AWESOMENESS come true!

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Is the interface of the modlink shields open for others?


Modlink allows interface with other link modules matching the base board.

Also, we are working on the adaptor for Modlink and other Arduino shield boards (currently, it is available for Arduino UNO).

Keep checking the post and our website ( for updates!

My project is to capture the temperature and start / stop fan depending on it.
I need 2 shields or interface to get this done.

Can your board control both with a single CPU?

Yes, You can connect NTC-shield and ULN2803-shield(relay controller) on the same board. Both are controlled by single CPU.

This will save money because you only need one CPU and time because you need one single board.

That's it!!!

I need to use Bluetooth from my iphone to control the motor. Is this possible with modlink?

MODLINK's shields include Bluetooth module (Bluetooth link) and relay link (ULN 2803).

You can communicate with iPhone, Android or any Bluetooth enabled device using the shield and send/receive signal to the motor using the Relay link.

Even better, you can test (simulate) beforehand using LED link to make sure the communication is proper. This lowers the risk of blowing your precious parts.

Let me know if this answers your question.

This was What I needed to know Thank you! Cheers!