Do you have enoughmoderators? It doesn’t seem that way from my standpoint as some of your forums are filled with topic after topic of spam :frowning:

Sorry to see this. I took down my forums when the amount of spammers exceeded the number of people posting legitimate things. That doesn’t sound like an option here, but I’m sure if you asked, some people would be willing to pop on for a few minutes a day to do some spamblasting :wink:

i don’t post a lot, but would be willing to offer some time so that these idiots don’t ruin the fun for us…

mods - are these posts originating from any specific IP address or range?..


So far the situation isn’t too bad here but it’s very rapidly escallating.

For a while I looked at and banned IP addresses from my own site. But I’d get the exact same spam 10 seconds apart from IP’s registered in different continents. Even banning entire class-C’s at a time didn’t help because they never seemed to use the same IP twice.

Sounds like all the more reason to upgrade the BB system to another platform that supports some form of CAPTCHA ( or other Textual confirmation (Textual Confirmation protects your phpBB forum from spam registrations)