Modular alarm in C++


I wanted to share this project which is an alarm made 100% in C++. It's in an initial but functional version and it's easy to adapt to personal needs. I'm working on adding more features to it so also looking for help on both the programming and the testing side. Everything handled through GitHub at the moment, including project management (we add BUGs there when discovered for example).

Translations to other languages are also welcome (I'm doing English and Spanish myself). If you want to collaborate in programming, keep in mind I'm looking for people that can continue working in C++ if possible which is the differentiator here.

Basic documentation is also within the project codebase.

Project page in GitHub: GitHub - msoffredi/ArduinoOpenAlarm: Arduino based alarm project

It's currently Arduino UNO compatible but I'm sure that's not going to last as we continue adding features to it. Still, I would like to keep a minimized UNO compatible version for teaching purposes as it's a nice project anyway given it was fully written in C++.

Thanks for the space here and I hope you like it!
I can't wait for your comments!

New version 0.1.2 was just released with support for LCD displays and matrix keypads plus some BUGs fixed and other minor featured added. Enjoy!