Module Bluetooth JDY-10M

Hello everyone! I have a problem with module Bluetooth JDY 10M. I can see name of module on my smartphne but i can't pair to it. I have chosed transparent transmission mode. Please help me!!! Thank you so much.

You first need to be sure the phone is BT4. What you report suggests it isn't. You can download an app to test this.

Thank you. My phone is Xiaomi Mi 8 and it has support Bluetooth 4.0. I'm sure. What should I do now?

Assuming you know how to pair, it would appear that Bluetooth is either in the wrong mode or incompatible.

Pairing is made from the phone settings. You scan for the victim and, if you can see it, enter the password, and lock it into your list of devices. If you cannot do that, it is likely incompatible. It may be that it is in the wrong mode, but I understand that is to do with communuication, not pairing.

There is more BLE material on the Martyn Currey website.