Module EZL-50 and Arduino


I have a project that consists on controlling home equipment for example a lamp but with the internet. Using an arduino uno card and EZL-50 module converter (TCP / IP)
The final link that i have to establish is: PC <-> EZL-50 <-> Arduino <-> Turn on/off lamp
I made the connection between the computer and EZL and also between the PC and the arduino but not yet final link.
I have to enter in the browser http: @ ipmodule: Numberportmodule/ test.html and I write a code on my Arduino so that the server will be able to recognize an http request type get and send an answer. (I did the same thing between the PC and EZL thanks to hyperterminal i had to simulate a file with an answer which has this form : HTTP/1.1 200 OK Connection: close Content-Type: text/html Content-Length: 78

TestHello World !) I need help because I saw that there is an ethernet shield but I dont have the right to add one more card in my school project.

Thank you