Module for receiving Bluetooth Audio


I want to imitate the cd changer in my car. The factory headunit is a Clarion RD3 and it does not support Bluetooth nor USB. Knowing that there are adapters that add the desired functionality, I looked on the pinout of my headunit and realized that I can simply connect an audio source via line in (with the C-3). I simply need to mock the signal packages sent by a cd changer. So there won't be a need to buy an adapter which I can build myself with way more fun :slight_smile:

I guess, the programming will not be a problem for me.

I'm searching for a bluetooth module for an arduino that has an built-in audio DAC, so that I can't hook the module directly to the headunit. The arduino should send the bytes for the cd changer and handle the controls and extract track data.
Which Bluetooth module would do the job? It seems an BC127 would fulfill all my purposes (and has Bluetooth 4.2-5), but it seems a bit expensive and I can't find breakout boards available anymore :confused: .
As a beginner I would rather give a wide berth to soldering SMD parts :sweat_smile:

How about the cheaper modules like Qualcomm QCC3003, CSR8630? Would I be able to get the track name or a fitting breakout board?
There are 3.5mm bluetooth receivers for around five bucks, which modules use these?

Thank you so much for your advices