Module like TP4056 with boost converter integrated?

Hello everyone,

I have been using a tp4056 module to charge my batteries and use them on my projects with Arduino and I loved it because it has overcharge, discharge, short circuit protection, etc..

However, I need to step up the voltage to 6v for a servo and I have been looking around and I have found cheap charging modules with step up convertors but they don't have all the protections needed.

I want to know if you know any charging modules with all the protections with also a boost converter.

Because right now, I've got two options:

1) Use a charging module with a boost converter and attach a protection module to my battery. 2) Or keep using the TP4056 and find a boost converter.

However, I think the two options are a bit bulky and I want to make it as small as it can be.

What do you guys recommend me if there is no charging-boost module with protections?

Thank you very much