Mogo Mouse BT (Bluetooth)

A friend gave me a Mogo Mouse BT (Bluetooth). It has the PCMCIA (PC CARD) bus pinout connections. A PC card is used with specific laptops where you insert the mouse or modem into the side of your laptop for charging. I found a site with the bus pinout connections at: The Mogo Mouse BT has 68 pins like mentioned.

I'm not going to buy the PCMCIA --> USB adaptor because I should be able to charge it myself if I know the pinout. Could I please get some help figuring out which pins charge the device? After I figure out how to charge I'd want the mouse to work with my USB BT dongle. If I still can't get that to work I'm going to take the mouse apart and find the BT Module and hope I can do something useful with that. Any opinions? Thanks. XD

I have one these mice but it has been in a drawer for almost 2 years since I changed my laptop and the new one doesn’t have a PMCIA slot. I know it should be possible to charge this mouse using an USB cable, after charged, it should communicate with any laptop using Bluetooth so basically only the pins for GND and VCC are required to charge it.

So using Pin 1 for GND should work but it might be harder to find the one for Vcc, according to the site you shared, 17 and 51 should work but I wonder if an additional signal is required.

Have you tried this? I mean, 1 for GND and 17 or 51 for Vcc?