Moisture detection monitoring system needed

I am the designer of a product called living walls. see They are a vertical garden system that has various felts used as a soil medium.

I need a moisture detection system that can notify via wi fi when a lack of moisture is detected.

This system would go into each wall and need to be programmed to notify a main station when moisture levels drop.

I am looking to hire someone to create his product, and a small software program to accompany it.

Thank you

Does it have to be WiFi?

How about some devices that you mount onto each wall and they transmit moisture levels wirelessly (using an RF module) to a microcontroller with an RF receiver. The central device with the RF receiver and microcontroller could connect and supply data to a computer with a USB or network cable. For your application, WiFi would be a little over complicated and massively more power consuming.

That would be a good option. any idea how much a to design that unit and have it talk with a simple software program to notify us via email

Thank you

I am looking to hire someone to build me a working prototype of the product mentioned above. lmk

Vinny, I sent you a PM.


This can be done using the ESP WIFI module including all the coding needed for the water level measurement on the same device.

The whole thing can be put into low power mode. the WIFI module will cost about $5 USD from China for one with an external antenna to extend the range a little for you.

PM me if this solution is more in keeping with what you are after.

Cheers Pete.

Pete is right on the money, a very sound, robust and economical solution. You want to research with your moisture sensor carefully as the most common solution does not work very long, chemistry is not your friend sometimes when it comes to electrolysis.

Good point Mr Brown.

Indeed electrolysis is not your friend, but you can lengthen the life of your probes by only energizing them to take a reading. You can also slow down the effect of electrolysis by reversing the polarity of the probes. If you where to use 2 GPIO pins both able to do analogue inputs then you set one to an output to energize the probe and the other to read. the next time you set the reading probe to output and use the former output probe to read.

Cheers Pete.