momentary button and programs

I am very new to the Arduino world and doing my best to teach myself, so bear with the newbie questions.. I'd like to have a momentary button change program loops each time I press it. I can make an LED going on and off with a button/debounce code but where do I go from there? For now I want to press button- light goes on, press button - light blinks..etc.. Thanks ahead for any help and patience..

I think I just answered this in another thread 8)

void loop(){
if (digitalRead (button)==0){ // assumes button declared as INPUT with internal pullup enabled
programState = programState +1;
if (programState ==5){  // reset after 5, or whatever amount you select
programState = 1;
delay (25); // may not need if the programs run long enough for the button to debounce
case 1:
// do program 1
case 2:
// do program 2
case 3:
// do program 3

case 4:
// do program 4

case 5:
// do program 5

Hey CrossRoads, Thanks! I think I did see your post as I read down the line today... Many thanks..I am sure I'll have more questions soon...

Well, I may be aroud to answer ;)