Momentary Halo Switch Circuit - Will this work?

I'm trying to "design" a circuit that i will connect an 5 pin momentary halo Switch (just 4 pin is beeing used) to for turning on/off an 5V LED strip that requires around 3-400mA.

Will this circuit work?

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Impossible to say without more information. We don't know what purpose pins 1-5 on this "momentary halo switch" are.

But the irf MOSFET isn't a great choice. It's not a logic-level MOSFET, so may not switch on fully. This may not be a problem with only 3-400mA flowing. But is also seems overkill to use a MOSFET capable of switching 50-60A. A bc337 would probably be adequate.

Have you seen the datasheet? This is an logic level mosfet.

I will post an new schematic with better description soon.

Here i have added more information to the switsh (JST) connector.

Here is picture of Halo Switch Pinout:

My bad, I only looked at the data sheet briefly and didn't bother to check the gate threshold voltage. I saw the part number began "IRF" rather than "IRL" and assumed it was not logic level.

And it is indeed specified at VGS = 2.8V, ID = 7.5A

What is a 'halo button"?
Where is the gate signal coming from?
If both gate flags are meant to be connected together, please show it.

What does the ATtiny do?
Can you please include the switch in the circuit, not just the connector?
What is in the switch?
Is it an "Illuminated Press Button"?

Thanks.. Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

I added picture of the button over.

But pin "NO" from switch goes to "NO" on connector.
Pin "C" goes to "C" on connector.
Pin "SWITCH LED" is that pin that make the led in the button to light up. This shoult light all the time. Also when button beeing pressed. Therefor i connected this to pin "C" on connector.
And Ground on Switch is connectet to "GND" on connector.

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Ok, so the schematic you showed earlier doesn't represent what you actually mean?

What do you intend to achieve with this setup? To echo @TomGeorge , what does the ATtiny do? What's the desired relationship between a button push and the gate signal that the ATtiny generates?

BTW, for the kind of switch you use, you typically connect the LED pin to a constant power source if you want it to be turned on all the time. So I'm puzzled by the connection to pin PB0, especially since you point out you want the led to be always on, but it wouldn't be in the scenario where you use PB0 as an input and you let the button push clamp it to ground.
I assume you know if the component already includes a suitable series resistor for the LED. I'm slightly worried about the fact that the image of the switch part seems to suggest that it's intended for 12V, which means the LED may be a bit dim if you run it at 5V.

Is there a particular reason why you leave the reset pin on the ATtiny floating? I assume you have checked the datasheet to see if it'll actually start up this way.

This is actually really simple. I`m using an Attiny85 with an state change code that gives power to the gate if i push the button switch ounce. When i push it again, i turn the gate off. I use INPUT_PULLUP.

Btw. You have right about the the other you mentioned. I will correct that. Thanks.

Regards to the reset pin, i have tested and it works fine. Or am i just lucky?

You can do that with two gates of a single 7400 chip. Sounds like a waste of an attiny to me :wink:
Heck, even two npn transistors with a handful of resistors will do the job.

Off corse. But that was not my question.

Sorry, missed that earlier. I don't know; maybe it's pulled up by default on attiny85. I never risk it and pull it up externally.