momentary switch help

I have a momentary switch and what I want to do is press it and release it, then it cycles through some code which I already have written… and after that it waits for me to press the button again. I am having a ton amount of trouble and after working on it for a long time I have decided to just ask you guys. I am too frustrated.
Sorry for my English :drooling_face:

Can you please post the code that you are having trouble with, describing what you want it to do and what it actually does ? It is easier to answer questions about specific code so that we can see what you have done so far and point you in the right direction, rather than an abstract answer.

If you have not done so already use Serial.print to show your where you are in the program when it is running and what variables are set to at particular points and post an example of the output as well as the code.