Momma Duck robot, 3 chic robots follow...

Im trying to make a master robot(Momma Duck) that I can control with BT and have the 3 smaller chic robots follow Momma Duck’s coordinates. Whats the best way to have the master talk to the 3 slaves? RF?

I'd use Twitter.

The chic robots - are they wearing Channel or Prada?

Hi, It might be more interesting to program them to follow the mother through sensor input rather than to follow coordinates. Flocking is pretty simple, each member of a flock tries to maintain a set distance to all the other members - when the leader is given new coordinates the others will follow as a result of trying to maintain the fixed distance, they will also do interesting things when they need to squeeze through caps etc.

Here is a software only example where movements is based on a simple rule set -

Duane B