Monitor automatic brightness control

These days monitors have a lot of features, but strangely even more expensive models do not have light sensor and automatic brightness control as e.g. phones. I have had NEC monitor which has all features so I want indeed to continue having these features.
I wanted ultra-wide monitor but those one with auto brightness are only VA panels so I would have to choose VA instead IPS which would be downgrade for me.

Therefore Arudino Nano with BH1750 module (GY-30 module)

Final product

Main work was integration with monitor, only way I was capable of implementing is Windows application:

This is main application screen where current illuminance and monitor brightness is shown.

It is possible to configure brightness curve to achieve the best result for any monitor.


Advantage and convenience of using Arduino is big and greatly accelerated my effort, because Arduino works without any configuration or installation on USB port with Windows (10).

Application is available at EyeSavior Homepage

There is windows application and also precompiled hex for Arduino available to download there.