Monitor my vehicles information when parked outside via my smarthome panel

So im setting up my smarthome devices and wanted to see if its possible to retrieve some basic information from our cars while they are parked in the driveway. I had tinkered with canbus last year and never got anywhere with that and now want to see if there is anything better or improvements in making that easier to setup and get working.

What im trying to get from our cars is some basic information IF its accessible from the canbus/odbd port.

Oil Life(we have cars that display it on the dash when you chose to view it)
Tire Pressure

These are just a few to start.

Can anyone suggest or point me in the right direction. Id like to be able to check via my tablet while at home and maybe setup notification if certain criteria is met and so on.

I use a Freematics as my ODBII interface. I found that it is quite easy to retrieve auto info with the Freematics. I ordered the angle connector but found the Freematics just fit into the space provided and I was able to close the access door, without using the angle connector.

Next you are going to want to send the info from the car to home. I'd use an ESP32 and send the info from the car to a home computer using MQTT. Once the info is on the home computer, you can do with as you will.

I use a Raspberry Pi4 as my MQTT Broker, takes up little space in the house. I wrote a Python script, runs on the RPI, that acts as a communications handler.

Thing is, your MCU may be "off" when the car is off.

thanks for the information, im going thru all my tinkering totes to find what boards and cables i have to move forward with this. By chance do you have a youtube video with the freematic? i literally just watched a video a few minutes ago and that was the device shown and used for the how to..

im reading about the different products they have. pretty neat stuff