Monitoring a three fase alternator

Hi everybody

I'm trying to monitor a three fase alternator with an Arduino (generated voltage and current).
So far I've been experimenting with the ZMPT101b voltage sensor module but the results I get aren't great.
There seems to be a lot of noise on the output of the sensor, I believe it's because the generated voltage of the alternator isn't a perfect sinewave, and these imperfections are amplified by the sensormodule.
I'm now looking to design a circuit that transforms the AC voltage from the alternator to a DC 0-5V signal.
That way, no filtering of the signal is needed and the code can be simplified a lot.
However, I'm not really an electronics specialist so if anyone has any ideas, it would be appreciated a lot!

Thanks in advance!

What is stopping the voltage from the alternator from being a sine wave? What does it look like, and is it constantly that way? What is it connected to? That will have a huge effect on the voltage wave.


Please post a link to the alternator product page or data sheet.

There is much useful information on AC monitoring at Learn | OpenEnergyMonitor