Monitoring couple 220V water pump with arduino


I want monitoring working copuple water pump with arduino. ( input high or low ) Water pump runing on 220V, arduino input is 5V.

I know the couple options but I was wondering if there any smaller and cheaper components to get from 220V to 5V signal.

  • First, of course, relay but I held it for several hours days :confused:
  • Second 220V led signal bulb and light sensors, maybe little converter 220V to 5V :o :)

Is there any opto coupler 220V.. probably not

Thanks for your ideas

Nothing wrong with a relay :)

You can use a opto coupler but that would mean messing with mains. The easy option is to get a couple of (junk bin) USB chargers (+cable of course). Just plug them in, connect all GND wires together and add a resistor (like 100k) between the 5V of the charger and the Arduino pin. Done! :)

I found what I need :D

Optocoupler isolation voltage test board AC 220V

Just because there is 220 VAC on the motor lines doesn't mean it's running, I would monitor the current as well.

You are right, but for personal use will be fine.

It can be used arduino current sensor for 1.5 dolars