monitoring position of ball on a flat surface that is 15ft x 150ft

I would like to track the position of a ball that moving from one end of a playing surface to the other about 150 ft away. The ball starts at rest and takes about 10-30 sec to come to rest at the other end of the playing surface. As the ball moves from one end to the other, it travels in a slight arc.

I have read many of the posts indicating that using a gyroscope and accelerometer has too much error and that using wifi RSSI is too noisy to allow triangulation.

Are there any other approaches I should consider?

A webcam from above, or a scanning laser. Or a grid of wires in the floor. Sorry, I don't know a simple and good solution.

aI have been looking at a system based on cameras located above the surface. I think I am able to track the ball with a software based on OpenCV but I am having difficultly handling multiple cameras.

I am intrigued by your thought of the grid of wires in the floor. How would that work?

A wacom pen-tablet uses grid of wires, and a pen with a coil. I read: "the horizontal and vertical wires of the tablet operate as both transmitting and receiving coils". But that is about the same I know about it.