Monitoring serial from Xbee receiving data

My set up. 1 Xbee series 1 plugged into xbee shield on arduino. 1 xbee series 1 plugged into xbee explorer USB (Sparkfun)

So arduino sketch is the following. void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); }

void loop() { Serial.print('X'); delay(2000);

Serial.print('L'); delay(2000); }

I can monitor the data received with the xbee/explorer using a terminal program, it works just fine. I see XLXLXLXLXL as it receives it. No Problem

Now if I change the following line in the sketch


To this instead


I know get a 5 digit number instead of XI when monitoring the received data on the xbee/explorer using the terminal program.

So what am I missing here, and how can I send more than one ascii character at a time? Is it a setting on the xbee receive module?

New to xbee and serial communications with it.


It's a C syntax rule: single quotes are for characters, double quotes for strings.