monitoring signal using 7 segment

please I want help in that task I want code and design

A parameter is measured, the output electric signal ( displayed using 6 7-- 15 to 15 VDC) needs to be Segments digits.
The calibration constant is 0.35.
Arduino microcontroller
Monitor the pressure and display its value (bar) on LCD
A yellow warning lamp is lit if the value drops below1.2 A red warning lamp and a buzzer are on when the value exceeds 2.
The system is operated by an ON/OFF switch

Take a breath.. start over.
What do u want to measure?
Got a sensor for this ? (datasheet?)
What kind of display to use ? / How to present data.
Similar found on forum.. / google/youtube?

its just software code and design on proteus
any kind of pressure

find a forum for the proteus simulation software..