Monitoring system - possible or not?


I'm starting to work with my friend on a monitoring system project. The system is not too complicated. We have 10 automation lines which we want to monitor. There are multiple users on the system, and we want to identify each one.

The system should work like this: A user comes to one of the machines and logs into the system using a personal chip. The machine has two sensors, which both are needed to read one action on the automation line. This action -the output of the sensors- will be transferred onto a server. The sensors are inductive sensors, so that both sensors have to give some output (first the other, then the other). Each user has a account on the monitoring system, and all the actions will be saved on this personal account. At the end of the day the user or his supervisor can log on the account of the user and see, what actions this user has done on which machine (It is possible, that the user switches to another machine during the day).

We have thought, that we could read the sensors output on each machine onto a arduino-card and transfer it wirelessly to the server. The machine should communicate with the system, so that each user can be identified through the systems database using the users chip-card identification.

Could someone help us? Is this a good way to do this project at all? Would it be easier to use only one logics-card (in our case every machine would have one card and a wifi)? Is is possible to build a network using the wifis, so that only one wifi would be communicating with the server?

We would appreciate help very much. If someone could tell his opinion if this is possible somehow, and which approach would the best to this problem, would be very very nice!

What you asked is AAA protocol.
AAA commonly stands for authentication, authorization and accounting, and at authentication you ask Multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor has a knowledge factor ("something the user knows"), a possession factor ("something the user has") which is the smart card you asked and an inherence factor ("something the user is") if you prefer fingerprints.
In additional you ask network at high emi (Electromagnetic interference) environment.

This is system integration question, you might have a little better luck at Gigs and Collaborations