Monochrome Graphic LCD 240 x 64


I am new here and do not know much about LCD’s.

The problem that i hae is that a Audio Mixer that has a 240 x 64 Graphic LCD which has gone blank
I cannot get a spare LCD of the same manufacturer but have sourced another LCD 240 x 64. My orignal LCD in my mixer has a ribbon connector but only has 10 wires, the new LCD has 20 pins. I have done some reading in this forum and have understood that the wires need to be traced to the Controller on the orignal LCD Toshiba (T6A39)

The replacment LDC that I have got has a Toshiba T6963C Will it work if I connect it in the same pin order of the Orignal LCD.

Any help will be appreaciated

Thank you

Hi. This is the Arduino forum. How does your question relate to Arduino?


Although not much related to Arduino, i just post my thoughs on this...

Will it work if I connect it in the same pin order of the Orignal LCD.

If this is a question, then the simple answer is "no".

You can not (simply) replace a display with the T6A39 with a display that is based on the T6963C.

You original display seems to be a "so called" controller-less display without internal memory and without a simple uC interface. It requres continues data stream to display something. The T6963 uses a frame buffer memory to drive the display and is able to show the something on the LCD without further uC interaction. Additional the T6963 has a usual 8 bit uC interface with some powerful commands.

Just compare the datasheets of the two controllers.