Moog -> Midishield -> Arduino Mega -> Luminglas


So I’m working on a project for a friend and need some help! I am attempting to take the Midi Out of a Moog Tarus 3 and have it act as a gate for a power supply to a piece of luminglas (static panel). I can do it after the power supply so it would only be about 5V DC. I thought there would be a easy way to program this, but since I have no experience with C++ or Arduino I’m at a loss. I have the Midi Shield, a Arduino Mega, and all the parts a pieces. I am pretty tech savvy (I’ve built a makerbot thing-o-matic before) and program on other consoles- but lack this specific skill set. I would be willing to pay someone to program and assist with this or just be forever indebted to open source friends who could offer assistance. Attached is a basic outline of what is trying to occur. Thanks! Any response is appreciated.
-Nate in Chicago