more 53 pin digital

hello ,

i need to make 100 leds control from my pc ?

i need to make smart home , the arduino mega 53 pin digital i need more that

kind regards

Use 74HC595 shift registers to extend the number of output pins. You only need three pins to drive all of them and each will give you 8 outputs so 13 will give you 104 pins. You can get one on a breakout board for $2.95: SparkFun Shift Register Breakout - 74HC595 - BOB-10680 - SparkFun Electronics

If you need to control the brightness of each LED you can use the TLC5940 LED driver ( Each will give you 16 outputs so you only need 7 of them. They cost 12.95 on a breakout board: SparkFun LED Driver Breakout - TLC5940 (16 Channel) - BOB-10616 - SparkFun Electronics

i have 74hc595 can you see simple how to control , because i need to control led on 74hc595

exp : if i need to turn on 1 pin or 3 ..

This shows how to wire two 74HC595 shift registers together and use them to control 16 LEDs:

You only have to add more shift registers.

You can also look into MAX7219, each one can control 64 LEDs.
I have this little breakout board that will let you up each LED separately and place them where you want.
The MAX7219 is like 8 shift registers in package.
Here's a clip of 8 LEDs blinking on & off

The boards are designed to be connected in strings, so 2 boards can do 128 LEDs.