More basic than whats posted?

Hey all.. 1st post here (yeah!!).

I'm not sure I've got the right forum area, but I don't really see a better one that applies, sorry if it's improperly posted..

I'm looking to get into the Arduino world, it'll be my first foray into this kind of electronics.. I'm aware you can buy them to start off with, and I'm sure in time I will, but I wanted to get that 'feel' for doing it all on my own for my first run. So I was eyeing the files/images etc for the DIY, I think it was called s3v3.. Little confused over some things, like it claims to use a version much older, not sure if that's accurate or just an outdated file.. But I'm looking for an Arduino forum for home builders for questions like that, and..

...are there any tutorials or walk-throughs for building one at home? You know, the process of getting an image onto a surface to etch, and how all that's done? You know, all that stuff :) I mean, I know if can be done - I've read here and there about doing it, just never sat down and DID it.



Start simpler, using an external USB/Serial adapter like FTDI Basic and a single sided board like this.

Guess I could have selected a thru hole switch …


mini-uino_DIP_single_sided.sch (146 KB)

mini-uino_DIP_single_sided.brd (21.3 KB)

That’s cool! You have more info on that board, parts list etc? Where’s a good site/forum to learn about making boards on your own?

Go to and download eagle, free hobbyist version. Then you can open the schematic and board file.
Parts list is pretty simple: 16 MHz xtal, two 22 pf caps, four 100nF (0.1uF) caps, 10K resistor, two 3mm LEDs, two 1K resistors, some 0.025" square header pins, ATMega328P-PU.
sparkfun has eagle tutorials. I just played around a lot asked questions & got help here when I got stuck.
I’m also an electrical engineer, so I have more than a passing familiarity with board design :smiley:
But then I’m also used to 16 layer boards with tons of parts, vias, plated thru holes, etc.

Most of my designs use finer lines with a lot more parts, I never tried making at home.
When I discovered ten 50mm x 50mm boards for $10 and ten 80mm x 100mm boards for $25, I totally dropped any thoughts of buying all the stuff needed for the home route.

Actually its 100mm x 100mm for $25. Its a shame they don’t offer a 50mm x 100mm option for say $18. The design I just received was that size, so I had to pay $25, however I did get 12 boards sent to me, so not so bad.


Note - gerber files submitted 23rd October, delivered (to UK) 8th November.


That is really awesome.. I looked for places like that roughly 8 years ago and wasn't able to find anything for the small consumer/small business that wasn't outrageously priced! I don't have an engineering background, but I do have 15 years in troubleshoot, repair or pcb's for a contract manufacturing facility and previously the military, and even ran "proto" (new boards to the company) through various and at times the entire operation, from laying the paste, to running the surface-mount / through-hole machines, to hand placement etc.. Looking forward to messing around with some stuff (not just arduino anymore!) with that company.. Thanks for an excellent find.

Wonder if they would do the screening for a surface mount board (what you lay on top of the pcb and secure in place to coat the pads with paste. Anyhow - I still can't get over how affordable that is :)