More documentation about TCNT0

I was reading the arduino documentation and the extended documentation, but the only references i can found about things like timer0_overflow_count or TCNT0 are on the forums and as questions, there isn't documentation about that? i already search on google, but i only find the forums, where should i search?. Thanks.

one of arduino's aim is to provide an easy hardware/software solution, for thing more complex than what's documented in the playground section you should refer to the chip datasheet... ex: for ATmega48PA/88PA/168PA/328P


While you are reading the documentation mentioned by elwing you might want to look at a diagram that I created while tinkering with the timer. You can find it at Scroll down to the Reference Diagrams link under ‘Atmel ATmega168 Subsystem Diagrams’.


nice diagram.... won't ever replace the datasheet, but it is faster/easier to understand with them...

elwing: you are right, i should read these datasheets. Floresta: your diagrams seems very nice. Many thanks for the fast reply, i will start reading right now.

Also, check out the (relatively) new micros() function for precise timing. You shouldn't need TCNT0 for most things.