More popup/hover weirdness

Two sketches open in IDE. One is BWOD from the examples, the other is one of my own with .ino, .h, and .cpp in tabs in the sketch directory - I don't know if this is relevant or important, it's just what I've got.

The reason for this thread.

In BWOD: If hovering over something the box appears and remains while cursor stays on item.

In my sketch: In the main/first .ino tab, hovering over variables and functions, box appears and remains as expected. Same goes for .h and .cpp files in their respective tabs. In the second .ino tab (containing functions called from the first tab) hovering produces only a dark flash on the lower border of the window then, it's gone. No box appears to display info.

Not the main problem, just something I observe. In BWOD hover operates 'correctly'. That is, after the hover delay (set currently to 1200ms) the box appears. Oddly, hovering over a function name like setup() or loop() the box appears below the name. If hovering over other function names or variables the box overwrites the object of interest.

I believe this bug is being tracked here:

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