More powerful distance sensor? DISREGUARD COST.

I am in search of a more powerful distance sensor, whether it be infrared or ultrasonic. I need something that can be accurate up to 5+ meters while still having the capability to be used with Arduino. Disregard cost. Anything helps!

This should fit the bill.

jroorda: This should fit the bill.

how much?

found the price

$450/$500 USD

distance:60 M accuracy: +/- 10 mm

Plan B;-

LR4- Interface Board for Fluke 414D Price: $149.00

FLUKE 414D /Newark Price: $129.95

Total: $280.00

distance:50 M accuracy: +/- 2.0 mm

Plan C;-

GM100DU USB Photoelectric Laser Distance Meter

price: $100.00 USD qty

distance:100 M accuracy: +/- 1.5 mm

search ebay, USB only no TTL UART.

/one would think someone at parallax would've heard of mod_rewrite or something...

These are pretty powerful and certainly fall into the "Disreguard Cost" category.

sonnyyu: Plan C;- search ebay, USB only no TTL UART.

Why USB only?


/one would think someone at parallax would’ve heard of mod_rewrite or something…

“Default.aspx” is microsoft house, I guess no one heard of IIS URL Rewrite.

We could help them to re-write the url as;-

Parallax Laser Range Finder

[url=]Parallax Laser Range Finder[/url]

Parallax Laser Range Finder:

Optimal measurement range of 6–48 inches (15–122 cm) with an accuracy error <5%, average 3%
Maximum object detection distance of ~8 feet (2.4 meters)


sonnyyu: Plan C;- search ebay, USB only no TTL UART.

Why USB only?

The GM100DU has a lot of different parents.


pito: Show us the schematics..

Nature path. I chatted with one of my friend at Shenzhen this weekend and show the image of this motor driver.

Here is what he told me;-

The driver is overly popular in industry lately, there are a little of hundreds if not thousands manufacture to produce it. among them, there are a lot of two persons operation; - one for sales, one for design clone and QA. It is much like Apple Computer in 1976. "The original Apple Computer, also known retroactively as the Apple I, or Apple-1, is a personal computer released by the Apple Computer Company (now Apple Inc.) in 1976. They were designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak. Wozniak's friend Steve Jobs is only salesman during that time." and all the part for build will be easily to obtain in days if not hours at local. The physical build is take place here;-

He told me the schematics is not available to his company even they are using a lot of them. if you look it carefully IC name is erased by sandblasting or sand paper. He indicated all three power mosfet name name is erased as well. of course if I need schematics he could get it for me, but I told him no, not until I start same manufacture business. ...

if TTL UART is needed, you start same manufacture business! :P

or hardware mod?