More powerful microcontroller

I am looking for a powerful microcontroller that has plenty of flash and ram for data processing, but yet compact in size (size of a TQFP-32/48) and compatible with the Arduino firmware.

I have came across the ATSAMD21G18, but I don't think it is powerful enough.

Are there any microcontrollers that are even more powerful and is compatible with the Arduino firmware?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

The Arduino zero uses this micro if I'm not mistaken. So you can find a schematic on the product page.

ATSAMD21G18 That is Arduino ZERO


Raspberry PI ?

Or Raspberry PI + Arduino Uno ?


Can you say what do you need to do ?

Not Arduino but the Pi and beaglebone have some impressive capabilities.
Is physical size important ?

Thanks for all your reply!

Let me clarify a little bit: I am looking for a microcontroller chip that can run the Arduino software. I will be making a custom board out of it. Yes, size is very important.

It will be used for data processing and would need a lot of flash and ram.

Could anyone suggest chips that I could use?

that can run the Arduino software.

will be used for data processing

Seems a strange combination.

I would not use the Arduino software to manage a payroll.


I would not use the Arduino software to manage a payroll.

Data processing is not limited to payroll :smiley:

Data processing is not limited to payroll :smiley:

Don't spoil the fun :slight_smile:


Buy a computer with Inter or AMD processor :smiley: here is your power.


I was looking for similar a year or so back for video processing.
Decided the only real option was the beaglebone.
Using the Pi, no access to existing software so would have to start from scratch.

The real question here what kind of power do we talking about, what do you want to build/achieve?
Hope we get an answer back and give an solution because projects it's not only about power but
how you make your project it's the deal to save power.


OP: Can you clarify the requirements? You say "lots if Flash and RAM". Well how much is lots? It's really hard to pick a board if your requirements are so vague. If you have clear requirements then it is easy to find out whether or not something meets the specification.

You say size is important but no mention of what those constraints are. How big is too big?

For example I had a project which wasn't able with a single atmega328 cause of flash so I added
another thru I2C and another one in total 3 chips to make my project ofc I could by bigger one but
when u got no time and money you need to come up with a solution.