More Precise Timestamp

I am collecting data at a high frequency and need a timestamp accurate to the millisecond.

I am currently using the method found here:

This displays time as accurate to the second but does not seem to support milliseconds

// Start date process
  time = millis();
  if (!date.running())  {

I have attempted to add %N to show nano seconds or %T.%3N to no avail.

I appreciate the help.

Could you explain in words what I need to do, I do not entirely understand what is posted in the other thread as I am very new to all of this.

Thank you.

You have to run commands that sonnyyu linked to you in the linux side console of the Yun.

To access the console you can use the YunSerialTerminal sketch or logging to the Yun with a SSH session.

I have successfully accessed the console via an SSH session using terminal and have run the commands sonnyyu linked to and have gotten to:

root@Arduino:~# /usr/bin/date "+%d/%m/%Y%l:%M:%S::%N"
24/11/2014 7:09:26::379416840

which is is the timestamp accuracy I wanted. Now since that is displayed on Terminal how do I change my Arduino sketch to get that time every time I measure my data?

I appreciate your help.

Take a look here